Mr S R Belur

After graduating in Textile Technology, I started working in large Textile mills.I worked in the dusty and cotton fiber atmosphere for 40 years and retired as a General manager. I was also a heavy smoker. This resulted in getting breathing problems and constant coughing. I consulted few doctors about this problem .I started attending Art of Living and started breathing yoga exercises. But the problem continued. Finally, I met well-known chest specialist Dr. Prabhu Desai in 2008 and I have been under his treatment . In May 2013 he advised me to attend PULMONARY REHABILITATION CENTER which I promptly did. I have been attending the Rehab center regularly since then.

Under the able guidance Physiotherapists Dr. Poorvi Shah and Dr. Priyanka Jain, I have been doing breathing exercises, weight exercises, cycling, tread mil, terra band exercises and aerobics . The atmosphere in the center is very friendly and congenial . Dr. Poorvi and Dr. Priyanka look after their patients with loving care .Half the illness is cured when the doctor –patient relationship is good.The concept of pulmonary rehabilitation center is new in India . With present day pollution in the atmosphere, many people are affected by chest and lung problems ( C.O.P.D. and lung fibrosis). There is a need for more such centers. I am glad to have such a center nearby . Since I have been attending regularly, I have been able to maintain good health for an 80-year-old (Young man).I must thank Dr.Prabhu Desai, Dr.Poorvi Shah and Dr. Priyanka Jain for keeping me fit and fine.

Mrs Suraya Ansari

I Mrs Suraya Ansari age 72 years was diagnosed with a case of NSIP. My doctor recommended me to attend Pratibha Prabhakar Pulmonary Rehabilitation centre.I joined the centre on 28th March 2014 On my first visit chief physiotherapist explained to me about NSIP and how the centre will help me to cope with my disease. I was very nervous and cried thinking there is no life but I am was wrong.At the centre we are made to walk, cycle , strength trying with weights and theraband, functional training and breathing, retraining etc.Today I am very happy as I am back to life and say proudly this miracle is by going the rehabilitation centre and the help of Rehab staff who help me with all the extra help I need while training. Thank you so much for changing my life and making it so special for me once again.

Mr Arun Palekar

Arun Palekar. Three years back, I was hospitalised for the fourth time in one and half years of breathlessness. That time I was in ICU for 10 days,out of which I was on the ventilation for 4 days. Even after discharge from the hospital, I used to get terribly breathless for any activity including walking a few steps, bursting teeth, going to the washroom, wearing clothes etc. Even though I was on oxygen. My doctor suggested that I try the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centre . However, I could join the Rehab centre only after 3 months due to my acute weakness and lack of confidence. Till the time, I used to dread doing any activity, however insignificant.

The centre has been a blessing in disguise with its highly qualified and professional faculty. They care coax, persuade and also gently admonish whenever necessary. The environment is such that you look forward to going there to do the exercises, meeting and socialising with fellow patients and feeling good about it. Within three months of the therapy, I could notice a change in my condition. I was much more relaxed and enthusiastic. I started coming to the centre alone whereas earlier I required my wife to chaperone due to lack of confidence . When i went to my doctor after one and half year for the first follow up visit I was apprehensive he would be firing me for the delay. But I was pleasantly surprised and elated when he said “Arre wah, you have come after one and half years after seeing me, very good , that means you are really in very good health”

Mrs Leena Abraham

I looked at the rising sun and asked: “What have you to teach me today?” I heard a voice which said. “Always generate more light than heat” Life has so many expressions in store for us, some are funny, some embarrassing, some pleasant ,some happy some sad and some unbearable like a sickness caught unaware. As I journey through middle age I wanted to soar high like the eagle,be chirpy like the birds in the green grass and Live,Eat and be merry every day, as u may have to die tomorrow Lack of exercise and sunshine made me tired at night. I used to think that it was due to work office at home and not enough sleep which made me doze at night One early morning, I just could not get up.

I thought I was sleepy and I dozed off. Suddenly, at noon with my eyes half opened , I was told that I was at the hospital,Kokila Ambani Hospital. My face was swollen and dark, eyes became small again, I dozed off. Next day, I found myself in the ICU. After the initial tests, I was told my lungs were affected. It was filled with carbon dioxide and oxygen was less I was treated by Dr. S.P Rai. After a week, I was discharged with a Bipap Machine at night for 4 weeks and oxygen for 12-18 hours for 2 months. I went in for a second opinion as told by my family doctor Dr. George Dolmen where I met Dr. Prabhudesai at Lilavati Hospital in September 2014.I was told my lungs are weak and I should start these Physiotherapy sessions and it will be difficult for me to work.After that, I started my Physiotherapy in September 2013 where everything seemed funny and silly because I never knew that Physiotherapy could do wonders .I did meditation for one hour from my society Dr. Anjali Bhatwadekar’s clinic.Slowly, I progressed, on the other hand, my friend’s office colleagues, my family husband Anil and daughter Arlene motivated me that I should continue work.Following a strict diet Physiotherapy and sleep I became better I used to go regularly of the Physiotherapy. My health improved and I came cheerfully.After 2 months I started working from my workplace Conera Bank JB Nagar.I used to go by bus , 3 times a week to the center.Dr. Poorvi, Dr. Priyanka , Dr. Nicole encouraged and motivated me which led to my good health .Dr. Amrita and Dr. Milee, of course, the dietician tips were very helpful, I followed it thoroughly.After one year in summer, I was again hospitalized at Ambani Hospital. In Summer time as I am weak due to heat and perspiration,I was advised complete rest with oxygen.At the physiotherapy center lot of care is taken. They are strict and vigilant about the exercise at the center and at home we are always inquired about our health which keeps us to do the exercises regularly and we are kept on air toes. Our blood pressure oxygen level,chest congestion are checked before we start with the warm up exercises.