Pulmonary rehabilitation is a course of education and physical activity that helps you to learn more about your condition, improve your fitness and strength, and feel less breathless. By understanding your condition and knowing how to cope with it we help to put you back in control again. It works very well and can make a real difference to your life.

We offer it to all patients with long-term (chronic) lung disease - generally those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma or bronchiectasis, although it works for most respiratory conditions.

At your first appointment, a member of our team will review your medical history, medication and current level of fitness, and assess if you have any musculoskeletal problems that may require further advice. If needed, we will refer you for musculoskeletal problems or breathing pattern disorders, to support you through the pulmonary rehabilitation programme.

Our team will then tailor your exercise programme to your needs and level of fitness. The programme lasts eight weeks and includes attendance to our centre. It could also involve gentle walking and exercises you do sitting down, or treadmill, step-ups and using an exercise bicycle. We also make sure you know about your medications and what to do if you have an attack of breathlessness. We help you to feel confident to manage your symptoms and teach you to set realistic goals that will help you achieve what you want to do.

After rehabilitation most people: